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Pricing your property is a balancing act:

On the one hand, you want to set a listing price that maximizes interest among qualified, motivated buyers who will be willing to pay top dollar for your property. Indeed, such buyers will ultimately determine your property's top market value.

On the other hand, you do not want to set a listing price that attracts a lot of buyer prospects, but sets the stage for negotiations that result in your getting less than what your property is really worth.

Your Home's Actual Market Value

In a perfect world, your home's value would be everything you think and need it to be. However, simply put, your home's value is not determined by you, but by what the market is willing to pay for it at a given time. These

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Gardening and some benefits that come with it

 Real Estate Info Guide mentions that there is a debate whether gardening truly does add value to a home and tells us by hoe much in dollar terms is does benefit a home seller.


 The average ranges from 5.5 percent to 12.7 percent depending on the type of landscaping and the homes original value. That translates into an extra $16,500 to $38,100 in value on a $300,000 home. Meanwhile other sites suggested that a "well-maintained garden can add anything from $3,000 to $45,000

In another article, Home Light asks, "Do Gardens Increase Property Value, or Are They Seen As Too Much Work?" they mention that sometimes gardening is not beneficial, “To plant a garden is to believe in

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How beneficial is it to a seller to have beautiful curb appeal?

Spring is in the air, and while you are planting your flowers, mowing the lawn, and getting your house "spring pretty" you are also setting yourself up for success if you plan on selling. Does curb appeal help sellers? Does it attract buyers? It does, in face according to Homelight 

In a recent poll of top HomeLight agents from all over the country, 76% said that Improving curb appeal was the best thing homeowners could do to boost a home’s marketability, and another 95% of agents confirmed that putting effort into cleaning and polishing the exterior can bring more attention and a higher value to that home.


Buying a home is an emotional experience. It is, therefore,

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Spring, summer - all year-round home security tips

The weather conditions during the spring, summer season encourage homeowners to naturally become a bit lackadaisical with their home security. Opening doors and windows for that summer breeze and causally straying over to neighbors’ houses, all the while, leaving their home at risk for a break-in. And although it may be a subject that most people may not want to add think about but there are ways to help mitigate risk and protect yourself and your family more. Homeowners can protect spring, summer fun, personal possessions, and family members with several easy security precautions.

Spring and summer home safety checklist:

  • Summer security: In warmer months, we tend to see a spike in
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What is the better option for buyers in this real estate market?

The market has made it challenging for home buyers, who have to balance little inventory and a lot of competition. So, in a time like this, with interest rates shooting up more and more, what options do home buyers have? Should they just rent? Should they take the leap and buy? Should they just keep waiting? 

According to a (past report in March 2021) from Zillow, it might make sense for buyers to act now — even in a competitive market. It could save people hundreds on their monthly mortgage payments if they move quickly, the report found, as experts predict home values and interest rates will rise.

“The best time to buy a home should always be when it’s the right time for you

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Some not so great kitchen renovations 

Most people that are considering listing their homes know it’s a seller’s market. Several home values have been sky rocking these days, and homeownership is proving to be quite the investment. A lot of people know kitchen renovations can be one of the most beneficial investments in earning top dollar for your home. With it being spring selling season, it can be traditionally the busiest time of year for real estate. In a market like this, with wildly competitive open houses, sky-high prices, and ever-escalating offers. I get it, why not add an extra touch to make your home stand out even more? An updated kitchen is a huge selling point to a buyer’s eye. But consider this, not all types of kitchen updates can

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 Use All Five Senses When Touring Homes for Sale


We all know that first impressions matter when it comes to buying and selling homes. It’s why curb appeal is such an important real estate tenet, why homeowners hire professional photographers to take listing photos, and why home stagers make spaces look beautiful and inviting.

But if you only use your eyes during your search for the perfect home, you could be overlooking some very crucial clues about whether a listing is right for you. Most people forget to use all of their senses during open houses and home tours.

The next time you attend a showing, take “the five-sense approach” to home touring. Use your sight, hearing, sense of smell, touch, and even taste to evaluate

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To buy a house or rent, that is the question?

The market has made it challenging for home buyers, who must balance little inventory and a lot of competition. And to make matters worse, rising interest rates are here to stay. While home mortgage interest rates have increased to the high 4% range, this would be the time to really ask yourself what is the better option... buy or rent? I get it, it's a tough market right now, it may be nerve-wracking to deal with putting an offer on that home you have dreamt about and very likely deal with buyer’s fatigue and end up paying more a month because of the current rates. However, investing in real estate may be more beneficial than you know in the long run.


You can say Yahoo! News  explains it

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Homeowners, thinking about selling your home?

The spring selling season is upon us, and while it's traditionally the busiest time of year for real estate, this spring maybe just as competitive as this time last year. With ultra-tight inventory and continually increasing home prices, it’s imperative that a home seller get there home as ready as they can to attract more home buyers.  At a time like this when there are so few houses for sale this may be the best time to get your house in the market and get top dollar. Even though the real estate market is showing signs of it cooling down, it is still a seller's market right now, we are still facing a shortage of homes for buyers. With inventory still low, homeowners who are planning on putting their

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Home equity, what to know if you’re tempted to borrow from that

Your home is your greatest investment, and with record increases in home prices, it results in pushing up the amount of equity you have in your home. Homes have skyrocketed within the last few years, but what does that mean to someone who doesn't plan on selling? Have you just sat there and wondered what that means to you, someone who knows that their home has gone up in value, but doesn’t know what to do with that information? After all, if you don’t plan on selling, what does it matter to you if homes have gone up in value? That’s a valid point. However, there is something called home equity. In fact, a lot of homeowners don’t know or even consider it. But, according to CNBC an

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