Spring, summer - all year-round home security tips

The weather conditions during the spring, summer season encourage homeowners to naturally become a bit lackadaisical with their home security. Opening doors and windows for that summer breeze and causally straying over to neighbors’ houses, all the while, leaving their home at risk for a break-in. And although it may be a subject that most people may not want to add think about but there are ways to help mitigate risk and protect yourself and your family more. Homeowners can protect spring, summer fun, personal possessions, and family members with several easy security precautions.

Spring and summer home safety checklist:

  • Summer security: In warmer months, we tend to see a spike in…

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Snohomish County, is on the rise!

In the middle of May of 2021 I blogged about Snohomish County - Washington's Rural Communities in that blog I mention that many people have been moving to Washington’s rural communities. I mention how King 5 news address' that "people are packing up and buying homes outside of Seattle... Snohomish saw an increase of over 10% in sale prices, with an average of seven days on the market...Being able to work remotely has been a huge factor in people being able to afford homes out in Monroe, and Snohomish and Woodinville".  

At the very end of my blog, I make a point to say that I predict that things are only going to get better for Snohomish County. And they did, at one point, the thought of moving a little…

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