It can seem pretty easy in a market like this just to stick a sign in the yard and have all the offers come in one at a time. But the truth is, it takes more than that. You need a detailed marketing plan that’s going to get your home maximum exposure quickly. You need an agent to help set your house up for success! Yes, photos and things like a 3D Walkthrough are very beneficial for marketing your home. But adding things like Website Syndication, Permanent Smart Flyer, and a Retargeting Ad Campaign are just a few things that will help advertise your home for top dollar!

As your Real Estate Agent, my job is to make your transaction as simple as possible. I will be with you from start to finish. My goal is not just to meet but always…

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THE NEW state of real estate in King County goes a little something like this: Homes are about as expensive as they have ever been, and the suburbs are still hot.

The average price for a single-family home in King County is now more than $1 million, $1.055 million to be exact. That’s a 20.1% increase from the 2020 average of $878,000.

Snohomish and Pierce counties saw similar percentage gains year over year. The average price of a single-family home in Snohomish County rose from $600,000 in 2020 to $741,000 last year, a 23.5% increase. Pierce County saw a 19.3% increase from $467,000 in 2020 to $577,000 last year.



Fueled in part by extremely low inventory, population growth and an influx of high-paying tech jobs in recent years, all…

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                  KEEP YOUR MONEY IN THE BANK


                           INVEST IN REAL ESTATE 

With it being a seller's market right now, buyers often consider keeping their money in the bank, preferring to hold cash, but is that the wise thing to do?  I get it, it's a tough market right now, it may be nerve-wracking to deal with putting an offer on that home you have dreamt about and very likely deal with buyers fatigue. However, Investing in real estate may be more beneficial than you know in the long run. Yahoo! Finance makes a good point


“You need to look at money as a tool and use money to build wealth.”


To that end, money you put into a bank does not build you…

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Just not so long ago, I had blogged about interest rates on the rise. Well, they just went up again!! Just last year, mortgage rates were at an all-time low. In fact, "Mortgage rates have not been this high since the start of the pandemic in early 2020"  per CNBC. Clearly, 2022 is going to be different. In other words, if you had your eye on a home but hadn't locked in a rate just yet, that home just got a lot more expensive. CNBC  gives us more details:


The average rate on the popular 30-year mortgage hit 3.64% on Monday morning, after rising sharply last week, according to Mortgage News Daily. On Friday, the rate was 3.5%, and last Monday it was 3.29%.


For a median-priced home, currently about $350,000, buyers putting…

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Housing Market Update: Hottest January on Record

Pending sales posted their first annual decline since June 2020, stalled due to a lack of supply. Early spring has the potential to be even hotter and more volatile: stock-market declines, mortgage-rate increases, and mounting affordability pressures are escalating the sense of urgency for buyers and as a result the limited inventory of homes are seeing their values skyrocket at unheard of rates.


While dwindling housing inventory continues to be a source of frustration across the country, Washington has been hit harder by the housing crisis than any other state, according to a new study by the Washington State Department of Commerce.

Washington ranks last among 50 states in the ratio…

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