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Helpful Ways To Avoid Buyer Fatigue during this intense Real Estate Market 




We are currently experiencing a hypercompetitive seller’s market with low inventory and many active buyers. This quickly spirals potential homebuyers into the frustrating realm of buyer fatigue. Buyer fatigue refers to buyers who have seen so many properties, written too many unsuccessful offers, and are flat out exhausted with the buying process. Searching for the dream home can be an exhaustive undertaking and when you are losing out time and time again you start to feel like you will never win a bid.

Conversely, while all of this is great news for sellers because it means an increased sale price and shortened transaction time, it can be

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When you’re ready to list your home, your agent will work with our coordinator team to secure any needed home renovations. Payment is deferred until home closing, or 180 days and escrow will deduct costs from net proceeds to pay for services rendered.


Preparing your home for sale is essential to capturing the highest offer, fastest. Simple steps like fresh paint before an open house can increase offer amounts by 10% vs. homes with no work done. And with prices averaging over $1,000,000 we’re talking some serious return on investment!




When you’re ready to list your home, your agent will work with our coordinator team to secure any needed home renovations. Payment is deferred until home closing, or 180 days and escrow

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Home Selling Tips. Sell a Home Faster in this Real Estate Market 



Ever wonder about home decorating decisions that you have made that actually hurt you more than help you? When we think about our homes, we can try and create an overall mood for the room. We try hard to clean out all the clutter and focus on furnishing and decorating. But did you know that some decisions that we make can have a negative impact on our home and in fact, make it look messier than what we planned for? Better Homes and Gardens mentions 6 Decorating Mistakes that Make Your Home Look Messier Than It Really Is. One of them is Relying Too Much on Open Storage.  They reference decorating something like a bookshelf. Maintaining open shelves are a great place to

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As more and more months tick by, buyers keep asking me, what is better right now... should I keep trying to buy a house knowing it's a seller's market right now, or should we just wait and rent until buyers have more of a fighting chance? Well, according to Keeping Current Matters it looks like renters are not doing much better. In fact, 


Single-family rent growth hit its sixth consecutive record high. . . . Annual rent growth . . . was more than three times that of a year earlier. Rent growth should continue to be robust in the near term, especially as the labor market continues to improve.”


Yes, there are benefits to renting a house vs. buying, such as fewer (if any) maintenance costs, also things like having less stress

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We looked at the data on thousands of offers agents for The Cascade Team wrote and received in the last two years to see how the strategies we track affected buyers’ odds of winning a bidding war:

 Here is a process of buying a home, and some strategies.


All cash offers rule the landscape and stymie the competition. With everything else equal, offering with all cash nearly doubles your chance of getting your offer accepted in a bidding war situation. In fact, for the luxury market, (which we defined as the top 10 percent of the market by list price), an all-cash offer increases a buyer’s odds of success more than fourfold.

Cash is king and gives buyers a leg up in the negotiation because it ensures the fastest and most seamless

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# 1  - Is Going To Blow Your Mind!


THE CONTINUED UNCERTAINTY about return-to-work policies combined with historic lows in inventory has made for a sizzling Seattle housing market—especially in the suburbs.

In January, eight communities saw more than a 30 percent increase in the median sale price of homes compared to this time last year. So, uh, good luck if you’re trying to buy in Bellevue and don’t have an extra million to spare.

(Sneak Peek at #1: Bellevue passes Manhattan in housing prices!)

8. Kirkland/Bridle Trails

The suburb north of Bellevue has a lot going for it: picturesque waterfronts, a state park, the honor of being the namesake for Costco’s signature products. What it doesn’t have is a lot of homes available to

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The City of Monroe just keeps getting better!  


I made a point long ago to "like" City of Monroe, WA on Facebook. Since then, I have noticed more and more just how much Monroe keeps advancing. From new restaurants and new construction to Monroe's new gateway signs. On February 2nd, 2022 City of Monroe, WA, announced on Facebook that "Monroe's new gateway signs are under construction." 



  City of Monroe, WA on Facebook:

shared this sneak peek of the letter "N" sitting on the I-beam that will hold the word "Monroe"


The gateway sign is going to be installed at the roundabout. If anyone doesn't know that location, it is at the west end of Main Street at the intersection of SR522. They added a 


big thank you

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Dear Real Estate,


Remember when we first got together? People didn't think we’d last. Maybe they didn't always say it, but they thought it. “You could do so much better. Why would you be a real estate agent?” “What’s your back-up plan?” “You should get a real job...” I’m sure they were well-intentioned. But I ignored them. There were times, though, when even I wondered if you were worth the chase. You do tend to play hard to get. Not even sure you know you’re that way. But maybe you do. Maybe you just wanted to see how much I really cared. I've come to love and appreciate that about you. If you were too easy, our relationship wouldn't be so rewarding...and my love and respect wouldn't be so deep. Who knows, maybe I’d have scrammed when

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So much of our lives are online nowadays. Our social lives happen in online communities as much or more than in friends’ basements or bars. We meet people with similar interests by joining Facebook groups or following someone’s story on Snapchat. YouTube is where we learn to do almost everything, from simple home maintenance tasks to cooking dinner for the family.


Home shopping, like dating in the 21st century, almost always starts online as well. They’re both about finding the right one – and just like a matchmaker, house hunters turn to you to help them wade through the pool of eligible homes and find the one of their dreams. Here are eight ways online dating and home shopping are exactly the same and what your role is as the matchmaker.

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  •          At month end inventory reached a meager 3,092 active listings, down more than 30% from a year ago.
  •          King County had the steepest drop in active listings, shrinking nearly 59% from a year ago.
  •          The market remains virtually sold out.
  •          The imminent rise in interest rates has buyers scrambling to find properties to buy.
  •          No relief in sight by way of increased inventory to meet demand.


KIRKLAND, Washington (February 7, 2022) – A frigid first week of January, surges in coronavirus cases, and depleted inventory were among factors brokers from Northwest Multiple Listing Service cited for last month’s slower than year-ago sales.

In newly released statistics for January, the MLS reported

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