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With Covid 19 hitting us all hard in 2020, people have been more focused on family and friends. But people have also been focused on where they spend their money.  


The Audit Connection Blog focuses on taking a look at the annual reports that Washington cities and towns recently submitted to the state to see how the COVID-19 pandemic affected their operations. They focused on how the pandemic affects sales tax collections? FIT Data Stories explains that many cities’ sales tax collections have decreased, however not all...


the decrease in total sales tax collections by the 272 cities included in our analysis. That's a $76.7 million reduction.


However, 167 of 272 cities (that's over 60%) saw an increase in their

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According to HeraldNet, Snohomish County has grown by more than 114,000 in 2020. In total, the state population grew by about 14.6%.


Across Snohomish County, Lake Stevens, Stanwood, Granite Falls and Marysville saw the biggest bumps in population, the data show.



Marysville gained more than 10,000 new residents in the decade — the most of any Snohomish County city.


The HeraldNet article touches on how city spokesperson Connie Mennie mentions that the housing prices in other areas in Washington are why people are moving into town.


“Drive until you can afford it is an old real estate phrase,” she said.

 HeraldNet also addresses other locations such as Granite Falls and Everett


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